There are lots of different adult entertainment websites out there today. Many of them try to cater to everyone, which is a lot of people to please. Aiming for the lowest common denominator seems to be the number one fetish in the porn industry. If you film sex and put it online, someone somewhere will watch it, which is good news for the people who aren’t trying to please everyone.

Other sites try to cater to people who have very specific preferences. There are entire sites that really only focus on specific fetishes and contexts for adult entertainment. People might wonder what the point of starting a website that will only appeal to a few people really is. They’re underestimating just how much porn is available online.

So maybe the Internet isn’t ‘for porn’ and people in the 1990’s who wouldn’t stop saying that were wrong. There is still a shocking amount of porn on the Internet. If you became immortal and you entered an alternate dimension and did nothing but watch porn all day, it could probably keep you going forever or until you got bored. You’d get bored faster. In an environment like this, you really need to find a way to make your porn website stand out, and that’s only going to work if you really do something different.

There’s the problem: do something different with porn? How can anyone do that? Prostitution is called the world’s oldest profession for a reason. BDSM didn’t start with Fifty Shades of Grey. Victorians had secret spanking clubs. If you want to create a really original porn website, you have to be really creative about something that a lot of people associate with the baser parts of humanity. That’s where the Fake Driving School website gives us all an education.

The Real Fake Driving School Website

It’s pretty important to remember that this is a fake driving school. It’s obviously a huge violation of professional ethics to do anything physical with your students at all, even if they are adults. If you’re an actual driving instructor, you have to actually be providing your student with driving instruction and that’s it.

Of course, lots of people still have teacher and student fantasies. If they’re acknowledged as fantasies, the lead actors are just acting out the fantasies, and everyone involved is eighteen or older, then everything is fine. You’ll find lots of material just like that on the Fake Driving School website.

They make a big deal about everyone going to the website being eighteen. In fact, they go the extra mile and make an exception for the people who come from countries that don’t consider you an adult until you’re twenty-one. So you have to be either eighteen or twenty-one to visit the website.

Once you’ve gotten past the hurdle of turning eighteen or twenty-one, you get all sorts of great videos that are extremely specific. There are plenty of hot instructors and examiners who will show up in the majority of the videos with their equally hot students. Pretty much all of the videos involve sex in the car.

The videos clearly feature a lot of professional porn stars. However, the site has a pleasing amateur vibe to it. A lot of people are turning away from the overly processed porn that was everywhere throughout the late twentieth century, where the sex looked about as real as the porn stars’ dye jobs.

You really get the best of both worlds with the Fake Driving School Website. The fact that this driving school is hot for new members in every sense of the word is proof of that. The two-day trial membership for the website only costs a dollar, which is less than most people spend on coffee. These folks really mean it.

Something Different

A Fake Driving School as a porn website is a creative idea. Lots of the models have an authenticity to them. Lots of people have ‘hot for teacher’ fantasies, and this is a website that will bring them home. If you like both amateur and professional porn, this website will probably give you what you need one way or another. It only takes a dollar to find out, and there are some people who might become new members.