In the kind of society we live and the kind of economy that we are facing right now, it will not be a surprise to many of us to actually come across illegal driving instructors. Not anyone in their right mind would want to get into a taxi with a driver who is not licensed. You can know if a driving instructors is fully licensed. This is how you can identify a fake driving instructor; he/she will not clearly display their personal ADI on their frontal car windscreen because they probably won’t be having them. They will also be reluctant to show you their license when you ask them to show you.

How a driving instructor license could be.

l A plastic square that is pink in color that has a triangle onto it. This literally means that the driving instructor is not yet fully qualified and is always valid for only 6 months. Then there is the plastic square one that is green in color with an octagon symbol on it. This simply means that the driving instructor is fully qualified. They are always displayed on the outside part of the car on its windscreen.

A fake driving instructor will not even possess a driving license leave alone showing you their ADI number that does not even exist. According to research it is said that these fake instructors tend to be super nice and become very friendly to you. This is a tactic they use so that they do not give you any room to have any kind of doubts pertaining them. And their charges are quite cheap. In section 123 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 it does not allow any driver to take any kind of payment for giving out instructions on driving unless under the condition that they are fully qualified and also have registered themselves with DVSA.

How can you tell he/she is a fake instructor?

l An easy way to check if your instructor is very much qualified is through the site ‘Find a driving instructor’ this is a service on that offers you the opportunity to check details of the instructors that are fully qualified, registered and approved by the DVSA. A genuine instructor’s license will include his/her photograph, a date that is valid, the name of the instructor and also a number on top. Something that even if a fake instructor forged a license would lack not all but maybe just one. If he isn’t qualified and registered his/her name will not be present.

Fake instructors do not undergo an assessment that is always regular. This kind of assessment is always important because it assess someone’s ability to facilitate teaching. People have become very smart these days why am I saying this? This is because most of these fake instructors have an advertised number on the roof sign of their cars and have also gone ahead and installed dual controls. This should not confuse you and make you think that he is qualified he might not be qualified since you can purchase the merchandise of driving schools since they are quite cheap these days and for as low as an approximate price of 40 pounds dual controls can be installed to a car.


Be careful when it comes to looking for a qualified driving instructor since getting a fake one means poor driving lessons. Driving a car is not a joke so it requires good skills so as not to put people or yourself in danger. You are advised to always check if your instructor has that green or pink budge on them only that can show if he is really qualified. In case you meet a fake instructor it is good to always report them so that they don’t continue with whatever services they are rendering.