Over the past few years it has come to my realization that there are so many fake instructors around. Most of them are out to dupe learners of their money while offering unlicensed classes. Instructors may easily cheat someone especially those people who do not take keen interest in the school they are offered driving classes.

Identifying a fake instructor

Fake instructors are quite easy to pick out of the crowd. A green badge is used to identify a qualified instructor, while the pink one is identified as partial training. The badge contains a picture of the instructor and it is required that the picture and the person carrying it actually do match. There also type of cars that are recommended for instructors to have. Having unsuitable cars makes the authorities question the ability of the instructor to be a professional. All cards belonging to instructors should have their pictures and names just like all cars should also have the same.

Learners are advised to look for good reputable schools and not independent instructors who tend to lie to people. Some of the independent instructors’ are just fraudsters awaiting their prey so as to earn money fraudulently.

Finding a good driving school

For you to join a good and reputable driving school you need to do extensive research. Find out more about the instructors and their successes. Several arrests have been done in the past years of instructors who were fraudsters out to get money from unsuspecting learners. Picking of an appropriate driving school should be done careful and one is advised not to allow people direct them or recommend driving schools for them.

Qualities of an instructor

A qualified instructor is required to have a certificate that shoes that he or she has passed all the required tests, can drive a car carefully, and has been certified to be capable of teaching learners. The instructor is required to have a badge which will identify them as a trainer. You can either be fully trained or partially but still qualified. Badges are issued with the level of qualifications a person has reached.

Some instructors are known to have learners’ schools whereas they can’t even drive vehicles themselves. Without the required qualification no one is permitted to take money for driving lessons. After extensive research it came to my realization that you can be trained at home by a guardian, parent, friend or sibling as long as they are a qualified driver in the state with necessary qualifications. This happens because some instructors teach hoe to drive when they cannot drive at all themselves.

Some instructors have been arrested over time for giving lessons without the right qualifications. Some have had their licenses revoked due to the fact that they are not fit or capable of giving learner good training or the fact that they are not good navigators.


For one to get quality training the person will need to do research, find out the best instructors in the business and vet them one by one so as to get good training. Entering a class with an instructor who is yet to be vetted may lead to dire consequences since you never know who the fraudsters are and who aren’t.