Illegal Driving Instructors

Lots of people are trying to become driving instructors without all of the necessary licensing and paperwork these days. Lots of people know how to drive and being a driving instructor doesn’t really require a lot of equipment or specialized knowledge that many people lack today. Posing as a fake driving instructor is a relatively easy con job for a lot of people, and so it isn’t a surprise that a lot of people try to pull it off all the time.

Recognizing Fully Qualified Driving Instructors

When I learned to drive, my driving instructor had a big green octagonal sticker in the windscreen of the driving car. You could see the name of the driving agency on it, as well as the expiration date, and the words ‘approved driving instructor (car).’ You could see the license so plainly that there was no mistaking it. That’s the idea: fully qualified driving instructors are proud of the fact that they have earned the necessary qualifications in order to teach in their field and they want people to know that they are in good hands. They also want to avoid getting fined or worse, so they’re going to want to make sure that their licenses are prominently displayed.

Even if you are a fully qualified driving instructor, you want to be able to make sure that everyone driving with you can see your license. If you are actually a fully qualified driving instructor and you drive around without displaying your license, you’ll get a fine in the neighborhood of around a thousand euros or so, depending on where you are. Driving instructors operate within tight profit margins a lot of the time, and no one wants to take these kinds of risks anyway.

It’s always a huge red flag if this license isn’t visible or if it is obviously expired. You get a fine for an expired licenses as well. Driving instructors are on the road a lot, and the odds of them coming in contact with traffic cops are going to be so much higher. They’re not going to want to take these monumental risks with their licenses.

Your driving instructor might be a trainee, and that is why he or she doesn’t have the green octagonal license. However, in that case, he or she is going to have a pink triangular license that reads ‘licensed trainee driving instructor.’ If your instructor tries to give you some story about why he or she doesn’t have the triangle or the octagon, it’s another red flag. There is no excuse for driving without one, and con artists are always trying to find a way to make their lies seem more plausible.


Illegal driving instructors are among the many hazards that you are going to need to avoid if you have any intention of learning how to drive. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to recognize a fake driving instructor as long as you know what you’re looking for and as long as you ask the right questions.