When one attains some age, it is necessary to take driving classes, just like he would have taken computer classes. For those interested to learn how to drive, I can assure you that you that you will meet with genuine and fake driving instructors who are ready to offer you driving classes.

Who is a fake driving instructor? 

Actually, this is a person who offered driving lessons to people looking to know how to drive, yet he/she is not licensed as per the law requires.

Talking of fake driving instructors, they are simply out there to cheat on you by offering unlicensed classes. According to a study carried out, those who fall into this trap are people who never are attentive to which driving school they have enrolled for classes.

How can I identify a fake instructor?

It is an easy task to identify a fake instructor. To start with, qualified instructors have a green badge on them as a sign of being skilled. For those who have pink badges on them, have a partial training experience. Also, the badge should be having the instructor’s photo that matches his/her face.

The type of vehicle too can tell if the particular instructor is a licensed. Just like the badges which have pictures of them, instruction vehicles too need to have the same.

My advice to those who look forward to joining driving schools is that always opt for trustworthy schools rather than getting a personal instructor who can result to be a cheat waiting to fetch money from you.

How can I find a reputable driving school?

The trick to finding a good and trustworthy driving school is by carrying out a thorough research. First, start by obtaining the history of instructors and how they became successful. Let no unfamiliar person refer you to an independent instructor or school.

What qualities does an instructor need to have?

The first thing out of the many that identifies a qualified instructor are the certificates that show he/she passed the exams as per the law. These certificates contain information that he/she has the ability of driving cautiously, passed all the necessary driving tests, and is entitled to be a teacher to those in need to know how to drive.

The second thing he/she should have is a badge that has all his/her details together with a photo that matches the face. The color of the badge will help you differentiate the qualification level of the instructor.

If you do not see a badge or the instructor does not provide his certificates, then definitely he/she is a fake instructor who is looking to cheat you and get your money.

Apart from getting driving lessons from driving schools, your parent, friend or guardian can also offer you driving classes. The law approves them to give you driving classes only if they are qualified drivers.

If by chance the authorities get to arrest a fake instructor, his driving license is taken away and charges are placed on him/her for going against the law

In summary:

If you need to learn how to drive, never agree to any offer from a driving school or instructor if he/she has no certificates and a badge to show that he is qualified to offer driving lessons.