The problem of fake driving instructors does not get discussed often enough, which is strange. Fake driving instructors are disturbingly common these days. Running scams of any kind is getting harder and harder in the modern world as a matter of course. People have to be more selective in the types of scams that they can run, and for whatever reason, a lot of people do not check to make sure that their driving instructors are licensed, insured, and otherwise safe.

It’s easy for your driving instructor to look the part. Different states and different countries are going to have different requirements for their driving instructors. However, as long as you have a car that’s set up for driving instruction, you could pass for being over the age of twenty-one, and you’re carrying around guides and manuals that look official, you might be able to fool a person who isn’t really paying attention. It’s essential that you try to avoid becoming a student like that.

Requirements for a Driving Instructor

A valid driving instructor needs to have a few things going for him or her. He or she needs to have a valid and current driver’s license, and usually several years of experience with driving. The instructors might need two years of driving experience or five years, depending on the area, but the important thing is making sure that you’re not getting behind the wheel with someone who is only a little bit removed from being a student in his or her own right.

Usually, you’re going to need a high school diploma or the equivalent. Your driving record and your background in general are both going to be checked thoroughly. If you have a lot of driving violations or if you have a spotty criminal record, in all likelihood, you’re going to be in a situation in which you can’t become a driving instructor. Once you have all of those initial credentials, then you apply for a license and you go through the right training program.

Chances are, your illegal driving instructor hasn’t gone through any of that. Your driving instructor could technically be a sixteen-year-old who just got his license, for all you know. There have certainly been stranger scams. Your illegal driving instructor could have a criminal background or at least a really checkered driving background that would have disqualified him or her from being a driving instructor validly. One way or another, you don’t want to get behind the wheel with someone like this.

Avoid Illegal Driving Instructors

Your illegal driving instructor is taking advantage of you in one way or another. Maybe the instructor is taking advantage of how much you really need to pass a driving test or something like that. One way or another, driving instructors can’t just be people who know how to drive. They need to be able to meet certain vital requirements or it is just not safe or advisable to get behind the wheel with them.