Be Cautious About Your Choice of Driving Instructor

Most people feel inclined to trust professionals, or at least people who are able to convince other people that they are professionals. It’s an impulse that we all need to try to avoid. Lots of people try to take advantage of this in order to harm us, and this applies to certain illegal driving instructors as well. They figure that as long as they look the part and they know enough vehicular lingo, they can usually manage to convince people that they’re the real thing. Sadly, in some cases, they’re right. You might find yourself learning that they are not the real thing the hard way.

What It’s Like to Drive With an Illegal Driving Instructor

An illegal driving instructor isn’t going to have any evidence of his or her licensed status prominently displayed on the windshield, which is a requirement in many areas. You need to look for evidence of that like you’re looking for a vehicle inspection sticker. However, you’ll be able to see other signs that the illegal driving instructor isn’t going to be up to the task.

These driving instructors are going to try to scam you out of money in a lot of cases, for one thing. People who do this are not just doing it because they’re too lazy to get a real license. They might be doing this because they know that they wouldn’t pass the criminal background check or the driving record check that you need in order to get licensed. However, ultimately they are doing this in order to earn money. They know that they’re pulling a scam and it isn’t going to work every time. As such, they’re going to go for your wallet, literally or figuratively.

They might be vague about pricing and then suddenly charge you for more than you expected initially. They might also pretend that they lost the money that you gave them, trying to squeeze some more dollars out of you in the process. They might tack on a bunch of fees at the end that you never anticipated. One way or another, they are going to cost you more than the legitimate people in almost all cases. Some of them will pretend that they’re offering you a bargain only to turn around and snatch it away from you with a lot of hidden charges. Then again, plenty of them might just try to get you in the car long enough to steal from you, which might be a scam that is worth it to them.

Background Checks on Illegal Driving Instructors

Make sure that you have chosen the right driving instructor. Check to make sure that he or she has a valid driver’s license, a driving instructor license, years of driving experience, and positive reactions from previous students. There are lots of people out there who are trying to take advantage of the people who just need some driving instruction, and it can be both an effective and profitable scam.